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This morning I had a flash of a "conversation" humans seem to have with Source. Below is the advice we are being given for right now.

Human: Hey God.

Source: What’s up? (I felt this was implying we only reach out when we need something)

Human: I'm about to lose my shit.

Source: Why ?

Human: Life sucks. I don't know what to do. How do I make it better? How do I get better?

Source: Become softer, gentler.

Human: What the… ?

Source: Here’s the deal young one…

You think being hard makes you strong. This is far from the truth.

Glass is hard, no? Yet it shatters when dropped.

Stone is is hard, no? But its easily broken apart with force.

The oak is strong, no? Hmmm, yet it breaks so easily when the winds becomes more than it can handle.

Being hard and rigid makes you fragile.

It is better to be soft like clay, molded by one’s gentle hands before it has been fired.

It is better to flow gently like a creek before it becomes a deep river that can sharply carve the land.

It is better to be gentle like the breeze moving through the pines before it becomes the storm that uproots them.

What is soft, gentle and flexible survives no matter what happens to them.

It endures because they haven't built their existence out of hard materials that cannot bend and move with the energies of time.

The way to not becoming hurt is to be softer, gentler.

Let your heart be soft with people, wrapped in the cloak of understanding.

Let your tongue be gentle, not breaking them with your words.

Let your heart hold compassion so you are not being broken by theirs.

Be gentle, as the heart of the human is tender. Being hard will cause it to shatter like glass.

The gentler you become, the more value you give to all of life, and have compassion for it.

Be like foam not concrete, and all of life will not be hurt by you, and you will not be hurt by others.

Love isn’t an emotion, it is an energy to which we dance through life.

Love is shapeless, formless and can only be felt within.

Love does not deplete, it is who you are.

Love is not scarce, it is everywhere.

It is compassion and understanding that make you strong and unbreakable.

It is what helps rescue you from pain and turmoil.

Become so soft

Become so gentle

So that nothing can break you

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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