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Hello everyone

Have you felt drained, achy, agitated and ridden with anxiety?

Guess what… you’re not sick, and you’re not nuts.

You are cosmically sensitive.

Welcome to being a multidimensional being.

Some of you may be cursing this sensitivity right now.

For those of you who are new here (Thank you KS95 Morning Show and all you amazing listeners!!) I want to give you a quick run down on what is happening and how it effects the planet and us goofy humans. Even our fur babies and bird friends are feeling it.

Over this last week, we have had several M-Class Solar Flares. Thursday we had an X-Class flare, which is the biggest, most powerful one there is. Maybe you are wondering why this matters?

Let me explain…

Solar flares are ass kickers. It is bigger than any volcanic explosion you can imagine. This X-class flare was directly facing Earth and we are about to be hit with the impact of that blow. Wondering what that impact will be like? It’s energy is coming at us at over 1.7 MILLION MPH! That’s no joke folks.

The blow also sent out a record-breaking amount of material, like volcanic lava (again, a power you cannot even fathom) who’s particles, (protons), are also coming this way. Protons change our DNA. Imagine standing on a beach and a wave of energy comes at you bigger than anything you have ever felt…. This is the type of energy I am talking about…. Unfathomable.

It will have a significant impact on the planet, disrupting weather patterns, upticks in volcanic activity, and tectonic plate movements that can trigger deep ocean waves.

This can also alter frequency signals, altering power grids, satellite communications and create glitches in technology.

Now, imagine what it will do to life on the planet. Birds and animals and sea life will be affected. And humans will be affected.

Solar flares are what I call “consciousness busters”. They break apart old, no-longer-viable thought structures, beliefs and viewpoints in the Collective of Humanity. It is geared to change Humanity at it’s core. Change us into better humans, more aligned with the Divine beings we really are. However, to do this sometimes, humanity needs to be taken out at the knees so we cannot move or run from it.

This is the knees getting taken out folks.

This will make us either very tired or insanely wired. We may vacillate between these two states over the next several days. We may not sleep well, have insanely vivid dreams yet be dragging tail all day long.

These solar flares effect the neurological system, resetting it to a higher frequency. As you can imagine, the neurological system resetting itself is not comfortable. Think of getting a bolt of lightning through you for a consecutive period of time. Seriously… it sucks.

Anxiety, I’m talking about the kind where you want to crawl out of your skin can be the result. The kind where your heart races or feels like its skipping beats. I figure if I am feeling that, I can only imagine what many of you are feeling within the last several days. When solar flares happen, it significantly impacts mental health… depression, anxiety and panic attacks all tend to go up. If you are feeling this, please know it is cosmic… it’s happening for a good reason. PLEASE love yourself through this.

We fare better through these energetic blows if we are able to hold ourselves stable in the discomfort of all this. That’s what all of this is for… to have bigger, more unconditionally loving hearts. We often get to choose how to open our heart. But this Solar Flare impact is the act of being forced open by Source/God/Creator.

It’s not just the energetic reverberation of the blow I am talking about, I am actually talking about the protons and material coming in this way. Please this video!! The white speckles are the protons. The white matter is the flare.

There were a series of solar flares, each one weakening the protective energy fields of the Earth. So, when the x-flare occurred, the Earth’s defenses/energy fields were already down. This allows for more of the energy and proton material to penetrate here. Which means, a greater impact upon us.

This message is a heads up because you will need to care for yourselves diligently now. When energy comes in this strong and powerful, it can knock you on your ass, physically, and mentally/emotionally. Bodies hurt. Traumas may surface. The human vehicle may feel uncomfortable to reside in temporarily.

To help yourselves through this, slow the heck down. Rest a lot. Drink tons of water. Headaches and neck pain are a common thing with solar flares. Pay attention to what you are eating and eat in smaller amounts as GI upset and nausea are common with blasts this big. For some, these symptoms may last a week, others, it may only be a few days. Just honor you in this process and know you are being upgraded.

Nature, essential oils, and crystals are your best bet right now for keeping yourselves balanced though all of this. Get out in nature and use those oils and crystals as they are gifts from the Earth herself.

This is a significant DNA upgrade everyone.

When we integrate all of this, you will feel different about life, about yourselves. Your Spiritual gifts and abilities will be heightened, clearer and more connected. The darkness of life will flow away from you because your vibration will raise, making the denser aspects of reality fall away from you. However, it will not be an easy process, but we must love ourselves (and others) through it.

Hold tight everyone.

Rest and hydrate.

Pamper yourselves.

Love your fur babies and give them a little extra tlc (or space) if needed.

We are all going through this upgrade together.

It feels as if the rocket has lifted off and we are climbing.

With Love and Light,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

Well I knew the solar flares and geomagnetic storms effected us; but I had no idea why I was feeling so many symptoms of being sick for the last few days. The "Incoming" blog is spot on. Thanks for explaining!

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