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Initiation of the Crystalline (Christ) Heart

I'm sure many of you are noticing the chaos of the global stage and it’s shadows while, at the same time, are going through our own personal storms.

The Divine Ones use the term “reckoning” to describe the recent energies.

For many, it has been a time of tribulations and tests, assessing just what we are really made of.

And for some, we have met the face of death and felt how bereavement can gut us.

Beginning in early Nov there was a powerful light that came through and did so in 3 bursts, each one penetrating and stripping away, so the next burst could go deeper still. Its purpose was to bring what is hidden into the Light. Logically, it means the painful crap, but it also means bringing our greatest gifts to light too.

The starseeds and lightworkers have been the ones who have felt this the most as their soul and their purpose prepares for yet another upleveling (upheaval) and redefining. Many are/were experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul.


The initiation of the Christic heart is not fun. A part of the old you dies.

It means turning your attention toward the darkness and the unseen and learning how to accept and then love what's in there.

It means to stand in the face of opposition, rejection, betrayal and deep loss without adding to the problem of polarity and division (meaning to actually LISTEN).

It means facing our deepest fears and greatest insecurities and pains.


This time of reckoning is the initiation of the Christic Light (Christ, or Crystalline) that we all hold within.

It is the harmonizing of opposites, even if those opposites are extreme.

Christic Heart initiations demand the utmost integrity, compassion and kindness at all times and at all costs.


Do you know what peace is? Can you find it even when the world is tore up from the floor up?

Do you know what unconditional love is? Can you apply it when you have been hurt or there is darkness all around you?


Our character will be tested at times to see if we are worthy of this powerful light.

Will you stand tall in unconditional love, or will you judge and play small simply to fit in and avoid rejection and protect your fragile little ego?


What do you do when others are in pain? Are you so wrapped up in your own bullshit you cannot stop to think of another or you just flat out forget?

And when something or someone you love has been taken from you and it is YOU who is in pain? Do you hold on to anger and hatred? Or do you allow the pain to take the wheel and become victim to it?

Can you slow your roll enough to not react, but instead contemplate why someone may have behaved the way they did? Can you then find forgiveness? Do you understand forgiveness is not an action, it is a release that opens and expands the heart?

Can you face your own wounds and still have a loving and forgiving heart?

No matter what situation comes to you, can you keep your faith?


Can you let go of your own stories and place boundaries against those who hurt you?

Can you own your own crap when you screw up (personal responsibility)?


These are the characteristics of the ones who embody the Christic Light.


Darkness and the hidden is being pulled up for you to see.

It is a time of great purging to make way for new soul creations.


IV Therapy Anyone??

Many moons ago I was a nurse. I left that field as I hated how it was run. I got into nursing to care for people… not make an institution profitable. Medicine is supposed to be patient centered. It clearly isn’t anymore.


Over the last few years I have been honored to meet some awesome people and to see there are a few things changing thanks to some rebels out there.


One of those people is Johnna.

Johnna is an ER nurse. After suddenly finding herself widowed and with two littles to raise, she wanted to “work” differently.

She wanted flexibility in her schedule.

She wanted to care for people in a different setting… one where the client/patient is in charge and comfortable. One where she can get to know you as a person, not as a condition.


Johnna works as a mobile IV nurse.

Ever been so sick you had to go to the ER just for fluids? Well, those are some expensive fluids!!

Now, with changes in medicine there is mobile IV services that allow nurses to come to YOU and give you what you need… and the kicker is, you don’t need to be sick to receive them!! But if you happen to be under the weather, they can come to you.


Did you know that IV hydration with vitamins in it can change your mental health and help you deal with depression and anxiety holistically?

Did you know if you are dealing with inflammation she can treat that too? This is actually how I got hooked. I had an upcoming eye surgery and I wanted to have the best odds possible so she treated me with goodies to help me heal faster! And I have to tell you I was surprised I didn’t have more problems!

I have referred a few clients for this very reason and they also had better post-op recovery! And pain was much less!


OH!!! Did you know there is even stuff to aid you in beauty?? Weight loss?? (New Year's resolution anybody?).

I saw her a few days before my son’s wedding, and she infused biotin along with a few other things. What you do not know is my hair has been falling out in large amounts for a rather long period of time and nothing I tried worked. She told me the biotin would make me “glow” from the inside… I kinda laughed it off, only to find she was right! My skin looked great! And, I have noticed my hair stopped falling out like it was! This was ONE infusion!

And she has something called Lipo-C which helps you shed fat easier (and it’s safe!). It makes the fat cells slippery so they don’t stick together and then they are easier to excrete. This is done as an injection and can be enhanced with an IV infusion along side it as well.


When I asked her why she does this, she smiles, and says it’s because she can visibly see your face change and it makes her feel good to know she is making you feel good. She truly loves helping people in a meaningful way BEFORE they get sick.


Things Johnna's IV treatments can help you with include weight loss, nausea, headaches, general dehydration, mental health, hangovers, stress, skin/acne, workout recovery and the list goes on.

To learn more, go to


Johnna can see you in my building (402 Washington St, 2nd floor, here in Northfield) on the following dates:

Monday, December 18th 10am-1pm

Tuesday, January 2nd 10am-2pm

Tuesday, January 23rd 10am-2pm

** all infusions are offered at a discounted rate of $175 and all injections are discounted to $20.

Ask her about her package deals


Also, if these days and times do not work for you, no worries!! She actually travels all over the place and can infuse you where YOU are! She is licensed in MN, WI and CO.

To book with Johnna, call/text her at 651-408-4046


Check her out…  you’ll love her like I do.

I can't even tell you the difference she made in my health!

With love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

Excellent advice.

I would like to add the power for forgiveness. How it changes your brain and emotions the more you focus, meditate, pray…

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