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Rules to Live By

Be gentle with yourself and others. Not doing so hardens the heart, and your heart is home for someone.

Awake before the dawn, not after it. The world is yet asleep and very peaceful, and it is easier to hear the voice of your own heart and Soul.

Allow space for silence and aloneness.

Practice patience and non-judgement with others and observe instead. The difference between judgement and observation is emotion/reaction vs understanding.

Ask yourself if the path you are walking is yours or if it is influenced by “coulds” or “shoulds” or the words of others.

Ask yourself if you are trapped in your own story. If you are, you are stuck in the wrong place in time (the past).

Do you struggle with anger, sadness or pain often? Assess your perspective on people and life.

Negative thoughts about others comes back to you, multiplied.

Be honest at all times, even when scared or insecure. It is the mark of one’s integrity in the world, and the world responds accordingly.

Before bed, pause to reflect and give thanks. Going to bed with gratitude sets up the next day for you to greet with a more loving and open heart.

Life on this planet is a gift. Everything around you is a gift. Honor it and do not take anything without permission or harm her in any way.

Let others love you, even if you are afraid. Love, even with pain, is never a waste.

Be vulnerable no matter what. It lets others know they can be too.

With love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

stephanie G
stephanie G
Oct 25, 2023

I just love you! Thank you for this share ❤️

Steff, xoxox’s

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