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January 2022 Intel and Synopsis of 2022

When I settled in to do my energy update for January, things went quite differently than I had planned. God spoke to me in a soft, gentle, feminine voice and there were many special beings present who shared different sections of information with me and with you.

This energy update is entirely Channeled.

Source/God shared the following tidbits…


“We are very special in our blueprints and our makeup, yet we are all made out of the exact same thing. Individually we are unique expressions of the same substance. We sparkle and are fragile in our uniqueness, yet as a collective, we blanket the landscape with glistening beauty and alert the world it’s time to change, to get still and go inward. Think of how snowflakes collect into snow, and it actually can make the landscape painfully bright”.

Pulsars and Quasars

“There are giant waves of light coming in from the Pulsars and Quasars. These waves of light will penetrate everything very deeply, creating profound change from the core outward”.

(to help me understand, they show me a movie like image of these massive waves of energy coming in and it feels like my gut is gonna hurl squirrels here).

Pulsars- A pulsar is a rapidly spinning, highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation out of its magnetic poles. They are the dead relics of massive stars that imploded and became supernovas. This radiation can be observed only when a beam of emission is pointing toward Earth and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of emission. It can look like a star in the night sky is blinking.

They are the “Lighthouses” of the Universe, as it’s light beam is only visible if you’re standing in its path.

Quasars- A quasar is a massive and extremely distant celestial object, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy and radiation, and typically having a star-like image on a telescope.

A quasar is an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus/center, powered by a supermassive black hole.

Quasars aren’t stars but rather “young galaxies”, located at vast distances from us. Quasars are extremely bright, up to 1,000 times brighter than our Milky Way galaxy. Quasars emit staggering amounts of radiation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Because they’re so far away, we’re seeing these objects as they were when our universe was young.

What does all of this mean?

Quasars emit a ridiculously powerful energy and light… what was given off eons ago is finally reaching this vicinity. Pulsars also emit bursts of energy and we are affected when we face one of the pathways of it. Even we can time it, we may even see it as it blinks at us! This energy will be a game changer for illumination of the masses and a quantum change in cognition, our spiritual gifts will come more online and we take giant steps in our Spiritual Evolutionary Process (ascension).

January Energy

“There will be an urge to go deeply inward as these strong energies coming in curate deep and profound change. Starting in the self, then in the outer world and back inward yet again”.

“Humanity’s spiritual gifts will be dialed up further, or for some, newly coming online”.

“There will be a further separation of “worlds” as some people will grow at exponential rates, and others are much slower. Some will choose not to and will descale into a lower vibrational reality all their own”.

“Energies align with like energies and communities of light are forming and growing more and more powerful. There is great power in Collective Consciousness, where the mindsets of many form to become One”.

And then other beings started to step forward and suddenly I feel myself going deeper into the Ethers.

The Elders

While in my trance state to gather this information, I was greeted by what seemed like a fairy creature with antlers and adorned in elk pelts. We were deep in a forest and surrounded by lush dark greenery. I felt like I was entering my own version of Alice in Wonderland. Nothing was spoken, but I followed.

I was taken to a room where there were many Elders and sprawled out on a large wooden table were many books laying open, and the Elders were reviewing and looking at different books and different pages. I believe some of these books were the Akashic records of many people.

An Elder then spoke and said “Many will wake up and begin to understand what is happening around them and will find their light and truth within their own being. They will awaken to their Soul’s purpose. From here, a wave of light will collect and ripple outward, blanket the Earth, much like a quilt. The separate pieces in this Quilt of Light will blend together, creating a harmonious song of light and love”.

“Many will open their hearts to a greater connection with Gaia our sacred mother and reconnect to the Cosmos, a place that many of you call Home”.

“Understand the pain many of you feel will leave you as your newfound soul-self comes online.

The Angel of Time

I am transported once again to a new place, and I am bombarded by white sparkly light. It circled around me, making me dizzy, then it turned into a gentle form of swirling white and pale gold with pouty light pink lips. She glimmered much like light off the ice in the trees.

She tells me that “2022 will bring much soul wisdom and awakening deeper into the hearts of Mankind”.

“There will quantum changes for many. There will be instantaneous healings from addictions and illnesses. Suffering will suddenly cease”.

“Many will experience a sudden (can be shocking) awareness of who we really are as beings of Light. For some, this will happen for the very first time”.

A Message from the Winds

Suddenly the scene turns yet again, and I find myself under a hazy, dark purple sky and a mist appears before me. As the mist turns to smoke, I see it take the shape of a giant wolf’s face. The wolf is my guide as I travel deeper into the darkness.

I hear a voice in the distance, communicating to me on the Wind.

“A time of purification is upon the people of this planet”.

“A wave of energy that will teach us compassion for all life once again. Mankind will be called upon the carpet, for there are consequences, because you know how to behave. Those who do not act with unconditional love and understanding will be dealt their consequences of the choices they have made. Source knows and understand human choices made out of fear, but it is mankind’s responsibility to heal their fear to find love. You are accountable and responsible for the lives you create”.

“We must honor those who have gone before us, but we must not stop living”.

“We must open our hearts to the Earth and to the Sky and to each other”.

“We must be brave enough to stand in our own power and our own light, regardless of how it makes others feel”.

A Message from a Native American Elder, Black Elk

“I wish to tell you the secret to living”.

“Love everything with an open heart but know what is good for you and who is good to you, and love the rest from afar”.

“Forgiveness is your freedom and forms the foundation to understanding what love is”.

“Live the life your heart tells you to, but let your brain work out the steps to get there”.

“Mind your thoughts for they carry a great power”.

“Be childlike all the days you have left. Play, live and love like a child does”.

“Let curiosity lead you into new places and new experiences for you may find something you need here”.

“Tomorrow is never promised and technically does not exist yet, so, do today what you would do if you were dying”.

“Love with such an open heart, it scares you”.

I hope you can take these messages to heart for the coming month and for 2022.

Wishing you all a new year filled with curiosity, joy and peace.


Rebecca Costello Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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