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Lion’s Gate: the 8/8 Portal and Soul Embodiment

This time of year is a potent one.

The Earth, the Sun and Sirius all fall into alignment.

As the Sun illuminates the Earth, Sirius illuminates the Soul.

Sirius ignites another level of spiritual awakening within, and also collectively.

Spiritual awakening demands freedom and expression of true self.

It forces us to go from the preschooler to the Master of our reality.

This energy has been streaming in since the end of July but is reaching its pinnacle now.

Are you feeling it?

This Sirian Stargate portal will be having a big impact on our bodies right now.

Sirian starseeds, you are likely feeling it a bit more. Fellow Leos, this is your time to absorb and shine! We were made for this.

When this stargate opens, the Sirian linkage in your stellar DNA will turn on.

The agenda is to balance the heart with the mind and create harmony within.

Your heads may hurt as the mind absorbs higher frequency light codes.

Your brains may feel foggy and unfocused.

Your joints may ache as your body struggles to integrate this energy. You are living in a body that is renovating itself while you live in it.

Your guts may be bloated as your will changes to align with the Divine will.

You may have some more moodiness… ok, lets get real… flat out flipping of the switch. You may be coasting along just fine and then that damn insecurity comes and kicks you in the chest.

Your body may also feel thick, heavy and incredibly stiff as the grids of the Earth are changing and so are ours. There is a temporary disconnect that happens, but soon, we will be back “online”. Think of it as a power surge and we had to shut down to protect the circuits.

All of this is happening for the betterment of your body and in turn, the body can hold more of your Soul’s power.

This Stargate is a perfect time to let go of illusions, lower energies, negative thoughtforms and beliefs that keep you in a state of oppression. True freedom is only felt in one’s heart. You may be surprised to realize you are the one holding yourself prisoner.

This is when we can really step up our healing game and master our egoic aspects. To do this, we must work from the heart, not the mind. Feel, instead of think. Pay attention to where that “feeling” is. If it’s in your head, it’s the mind, not the heart.

If inclined, meditate with the intention to connect with the Sirians. I had a magical experience where one reached inside of my chest and touched my heart, and it was the most beautiful love I have ever felt. It was powerful, it was pure.

The Sirians have a love of humanity. They teach us to love (and play a part in the advancement of our technology).

In ancient Shamanic cultures, Sirius was believed to be a portal to the Heavens. It is said that when one travels through the Sirian Gateway they receive Divine messages. It is through this time and this experience that we can align with our original Soul purpose, be given the direction we seek and receive codes of freedom and sovereignty.

Build that connection during this time.

You will likely get some pretty powerful insights in the process.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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