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March 2022 Energy Intel- Closure, Completion and Transformation

When I connected to gather the info for what March may bring us, the energy felt light, but swift. I saw a teeter totter, with an energy on each end, a plus sign and a minus sign. Then I saw children playing on monkey bars. My take on this is that it is sure better than a roller coaster!

I can feel the incoming light and energy codes (this effects of bodies, minds and emotions) will continue to escalate the ascension process, which is the embodiment of our Soul self into our human flesh suits. It means rewiring the brain and working with our humanness to get it to work with our Soul self, not against it. Eventually along the way, the ego/human aspect learns that not listening to the Soul self and getting bucky, leaves it with an embarrassing black eye. And the Ego doesn’t like to be hurt, now, does it?

This is a month where we will need to really get grounded into ourselves and our own inner wisdom as more and more crap will be flying about making things confusing if we do not have out wits about us. Please understand the wisdom lies within our individual hearts, as things are not what they appear. The media likes the game of smoke and mirrors. Don’t play the game. Shut it off.

February brought a lot of energy that expanded our heart centers, with a big doozie of energy on the 2/22/22 portal. This one slammed into our higher hearts. Some may have felt the anxiety. Some may have felt blissfully whacked out of their skulls. Either way, it affected us, if we are in tune with ourselves enough to notice. Ponder for a moment what you noticed and how it affected/changed you.

While I was tapping into the flow of things to come, I felt a very gentle and loving presence. I was a bit breath-taken actually, and then embarrassed that I did not recognize the energy… a sign I need to reconnect with nature!

A Channeled Message from Mother Gaia-

“It has been my role to supply nourishment and shelter to my children who choose to exist here. Please understand that for tens of thousands of years, I have been abused. Being the benevolent mother, I have stood by waiting for my children to see what they are doing. But for far too long this has gone on and now my resources for nourishment and shelter are coming at a price. Some are abusing the situation to make a profit at the expense of others”.

“My oceans, which support your emotional healing, are being polluted and pillaged due to greed and ignorance. Please understand my children are waking up now, and they feel my sadness over the abuse of life here. Some of my children, whom I refer to as the Awakened Ones, are shifting things far deeper than what any of you may realize or understand”.

“The Awakened Ones are connecting to me, to the Cosmos and to the Ancient Ones to access the wisdom and the knowledge that is innately yours. They are using this wisdom to activate and heal my energetic grids, and activating the crystalline beds that lie within me. This is turn causes the crystals to release their healing and their wisdom for those who wish to connect and utilize it”.

“The Awakened Ones are activating ancient stargates that have been shut down for eons due to galactic interference. This once again will allow you to connect to your origins and remember the truth of your being. As these stargates open and activate, more and more light and energy to enter my atmosphere from as far away as Alcyon (our Great Central Sun). This will trigger deeper and deeper awakenings within you".

“Many of you look around and all you see is strife, chaos, destruction and division. I ask you to connect and commune with me, in nature, so you may once again hear the wisdom of your own Soul without the distraction of the environmental and situational noise”.

“March is a month of clean up and wrapping up the old. This message is universal for Humanity. How this may translate for you is that old/past issues may surface if you have been unwilling to look at things. It is a powerful month of opportunities that may challenge your ability to let go. Much like a child on the monkey bars must let go of the bar behind them and swing the arm forward despite the risk of falling”.

“March will ask you to evaluate how you move through your day-to-day life”.

“Are you ruminating on the past”?

“Are you burying your head in the sand or pretending like the past didn’t occur? Sadly, the past will always exist within you until you heal it. Only then will it leave you, seeming to be a story you read vs your personal story”.

“Does fear keep you stagnant, leaving you swinging between the past and the present, never really moving forward? Then my child, it is time for you to behave like the fearless ones, let go and swing that arm forward, and find the fun in living rather than focusing on the fear”.

“March’s energy is a loving energy, but understand Love is Light, and that Light illuminates. Some will love this. But where one does not love themselves or holds fear, Love tends to be met by resistance and judgement”.

“March will teach you how to be in the flow again, how to be flexible. It will help you to understand what is really important in life… relationships, family and home.”

“March wants you to surrender, yet so few really understand this concept and many even fear it. Humanity as a whole has become controlling, untrusting and closed off because it cannot handle emotions and fears getting hurt”.

“Like water, emotions flow naturally. Intensity builds up because humans have placed dams all over the place within themselves, blocking emotions… because they fear them. As your primary mother, I am asking you to stop doing this, as there are dire consequences. If the dams break, which they do, the devastation that comes is far worse than if you just allowed it to flow. I ask you to just sit with it, observe it and watch it flow away. When you allow emotions, they just flow like water. Let them flow and water the barren areas of your hearts. Let life be breathed back into you and give you nourishment once again”.

“March brings closure into some areas of life. Let what is dead go, and allow it to fertilize your creations. In April, there will be a surge of birth/creation energies once again and life force will begin to rise stronger, reaching for the light of the Sun”.

“My gift to you this month is closure, completion and transformation”.

“Look for the beauty within the illusion of destruction and chaos and find what is real and true beneath the facade”.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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