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Mid-February Energy Intel- Powerful Energies Ahead

We are leveling up again. Can you feel it?

Maybe all you feel is tired.

Maybe your back hurts, or maybe you are feeling all the ick hidden in the closets yet.

The Sun in all its glory has been kicking out solar flares almost on the daily this week and kicking off geomagnetic storms with it.

Solar flares shoot light deep into the recesses of what you may not want to see.

The winds are blowing hard.

The emotions stirring deep within.

The Light Codes are pouring in now, changing us on the smallest, yet deepest levels.

This will have a profound impact on all aspects of who we are.

On the other side of this is breakthrough, illumination, change and joy.

It is no longer time to just sit in the corner watching life pass you by.

And there are powerful energies to help us finish transforming ourselves and our lives.

Feb 16th Full Moon in Leo

Full moons are a time of heightened energy, and deeper illumination. Right now, many may not like what they see within their own reflections or their lives. The energy of Leo is needed to find the courage to face down those deepest insecurities and doubts. With a little laughter and some fun, but none the less, power to face fear.

For me personally, this gateway that initiated with the 2/2/22 gateway ushered in an unwanted guest… that asshole named Covid showed up, unwelcome of course and then decided to bring a friend. What this has meant for me was facing “death” of sorts as I have a few different lung issues that could make this a very scary thing. I have feared it more than I care to admit and feared it could end my life.

Face that fear like you are fighting for your life… because we are. A better life!

This full moon has us standing naked after we have just came out of a storm of sorts. Here we are, raw, bruised and battered… but we are standing!!

Leo is a sign of Self, of strength and courage. It is also one of fun and inspiration. The full moon will be illuminating our wreckage at times and we must have the courage of the lion to stand and face it. This full moon cycle asks you to become more like a Leo within yourself. Understand you can laugh at yourself a little here too. Leo loves laughter. It can be serious when it needs to, but it prefers to have fun with things (the image of playing with your "food" pops into mind... oh goodness).

Leos march to the beat of their own drum and they own their regal-ness. They have a “piss and vinegar” kind of attitude when it comes to fear. They turn around and face it without thinking about it. The mantra “watch me” comes to mind and they get right to doing their thing.

Leo is also ruled by the Sun, and many of you may not be aware of all the Solar activity we have had going on. The Sun, the great illuminator is being joined by the illumination of the moon… so, there will be a lot of clarity coming through (clue: look within the emotional intensity). But give yourself some time to process the new insight and let things fall into their places.

Regarding your bodies, pay attention to your chests, hearts and spines. Leo is the sign that governs these areas of the body and they are the hallmarks of strength and resilience. And with the Solar flares we have been having, these areas may tend toward giving you some issues. Stretch, do yoga or get a massage during this lunar cycle to help you process these energies.

Help yourself even more by allowing yourself to release pent up emotions, as these things do tend to get lodged in the body… mostly in the low back/butt crack area and also within the heart. Cardio will help gently release the energies and give you some feel goods as well.

Show and share love now. Towards yourself and towards others.

The light of the full moon in the sun sign of Leo can illuminate keyholes that open doorways to treasures that will benefit the entirety of your life from here on. But we need to be courageous and allow change to occur.

A Power Packed Date

“Twosday” 2/22/2022… 2-22-22

The month of Feb is all about personal upgrading. On the 2/2/22 gateway our personal hearts were opened up to receive a higher vibration of light that is coming in to alter us… both spiritually and physically. On 2/20/22, another 2-2-22 date, we have another blast of light coming in ushered in by the changing of the nodes moving into new signs. These nodes shifting signs will effect our destiny and our karma and how we heal and how we live, as individuals and as a collective. There will be indulgences and changes to how we do things and there will be releases and illumination of truths that have been hidden for far too long. Understand with these nodes changing signs, we will be getting down to business of digging up the crap that was buried to re-examine it because something felt “off” or incomplete.

A unique door appears when we stop attaching ourselves to the comfort of our traumas, our pasts and our histories. The fire of who you really are deep down begins to glow. And then we learn to see, feel and listen to what is inside of us, instead of relying on the outer world to dictate our reality and how we should think and feel. The power is placed back within our own hearts and our own minds. This is where we stop pretending and start living.

On the 2/22/22 gateway, that light will increase exponentially, aligning us more with our galactic origins and our galactic selves.

The repetition of the number 2 is a stable energy number. It is about divine partnerships, ones symbolic of balance, cooperation, and unifying opposing forces.

This duality represents the balance of masculine and feminine energies.

It is the joining of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Think of it as a divine mirror… our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. How are you viewing your reality right now?

Clean up negative self-talk. Use loving and kind words that reflect what you wish to accomplish, to feel and to experience. This is one of the simplest ways to turn life around. We like to pretend we are stuck in misery… however that is a farse. Your mind is your magic wand. It behooves you to use it to create magic, not another mess.

This time of the year is very powerful with this portal. Use it to make room for what you want in your life. But here’s the catch… to make room for the new, the old must go. Where is there clutter? I am not just talking closets here. What clutter is mucking up your heads and your hearts? Time to do some tossing.

This upcoming “Twosday” on 2/22/2022 serves as a reminder of what is important in life. It brings a message of hope, balance, and a commitment to our bigger goals. This portal is auspicious for positive change in relationships with others and also for forming more meaningful alliances rooted in the desire to promote love and kindness instead of being some parasitic scenario where one “gets” from another.

Use the rest of this month to your advantage. Be stubborn. Don’t get sidetracked away from the path you are on. Stand your ground and stand in your truth, loudly if you must.

Become still enough to tune inwards in any given moment, no matter what is going on outside. Then watch for the flicker of a feeling or a sense, a gentle, subtle emergence of a perception that comes through. This is your inner knowing.

Combine your inner knowing with action now and the results will be magic.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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Michele Maus
Michele Maus
17 feb. 2022

I got Covid, too! I have been needing to just STOP and catch up to everything that I have needed to do. i had been denied leave from work twice, and then...Covid. Not sure if I approve of how my prayers were answered LOL, but thankfully, just having mild symptoms at this point. Hope that you are well.


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