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My Obituary

I can imagine that you just saw those words and about crapped your pants.

I assure you, the woman you have come to know here is going nowhere.

But who I have been... is gone... and she should be honored because she made me who I am.

In honor of Rebecca Conroy

Aug 6, 1974- Feb 26, 2023

Rebecca was discovered deceased of a long-standing broken heart that she wasn’t even fully aware of.

She leaves behind a painful childhood that left her feeling unworthy of ever being loved.

She leaves behind the memories of being 8 years old looking up at the night sky wanting to go Home to God, because being here hurt too much.

She takes with her the memory of trying to suffocate herself with a shoelace because life became too hard to handle and now, as an adult, makes her cry, because no child should ever feel like that.

She leaves behind feeling ridiculed for being herself because no one cared enough to understand her and that she was annoying to everyone.

She leaves behind an adolescence of sexual abuse and promiscuity and hating herself because she just wanted to be loved by someone... and all the judgement that came with it.

She leaves behind the drug and alcohol abuse she used to numb her pain.

She leaves behind never feeling safe with others or in her own body, because living equated to so much pain.

She leaves behind the inability to speak her truth.

Rebecca took with her the guilt and shame of not being a good enough mother, wife or friend... or a good enough anything.

She took with her the “work ethic” of always putting the needs of others first, even when she was drowning and didn’t know if she could make it... because if she didn't, she was called selfish.

She also leaves behind feeling responsible for other people being triggered due to their own insecurities.

She was laid to rest lovingly by her sisters Stephanie and Leslie who helped to release her Soul from her tortured psyche.

She leaves behind a mother who confused her and caused her to question her own worth due to being gaslighted when she tried to communicate her feelings of hurt. She takes with her the memories of the times she was there for her, as it was the only time their relationship was good.

She leaves behind a father who is uncomfortable with emotional stuff and who never stood up for her when she was being mistreated. She left knowing she was loved by him but saddened that he never really got to know the woman she became.

She leaves behind a sister who deliberately intended to hurt her, calling her a narcissist and a victim when she pleaded for help and support, forgetting all that had been given to her and her family when they were in need.

She leaves behind a loving husband who helped her to heal in really bold ways.

She leaves behind an amazing son who gave her the will to fight to live and to heal when she really didn’t want to.

She leaves behind an amazing mother and father-in-law who taught her what love in a relationship looked like and who supported her at all times.

She leaves behind her "brother" Ryan, who helped her grow in confidence and realize the difference she was making here and spread that healing all over the place.

She leaves behind her brother Chris who holds a big piece of her heart and made her feel she was "home" because they shared the same heart most of their lives.

She leaves behind many beautiful soul sisters and brothers that changed her life and gave her a voice and a sense of purpose she had never known before.

She leaves behind the fear of vulnerability and will be born again in the energy of inspiration and hope.

She died with a broken heart.

And the pieces have been rearranged into a beautiful piece of art so the lessons she learned in this lifetime will live on.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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