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We have had quite an influx of energies recently.

Lightworkers (those of us in service to Gaia and it’s inhabitants in some way) are getting pounded hard.

But, despite the fact it’s really annoying, there is a deep reason to this.

We got crap to clean up.

Old patterns and thought disturbances are surfacing right now for many.

Our bodies are feeling the hit from the increase in the light frequencies coming in. Sometimes the activation part of being human is really uncomfortable… physically and emotionally.

The purpose in this for us Lightworkers is to get our shit together, quicker, and it must start within. We have to be the genuine change before we can start directing others on how to do it.

Pieces of Haley’s comet are dragging some cosmic tidbits (meteors) through our energy fields to remind us of the shining light of who we are. However, sometimes the cosmos works backwards. These little meteors are beating the junk out of us.. think being washed… with bleach and rocks.

Sometimes it takes a little grit to make something sparkle and shine again.

For some of you, the discomfort in this may be rather upheaving. We call this the Dark Night of the Soul. Life as you know it changes. Transformation is on the docket… you must disconnect from everything… absolutely everything. When doing this, things may not feel right or make sense. It shouldn’t. You are in suspended animation. It's scary to feel you are free floating and have no control of where you are going.

Transformation is scary as hell.

We have to let go. Oftentimes, it is forced. Force is usually painful.

We have to look deeply at ALL of our crap… our insecurities, our fears.

We have Eclipses on the horizon which too, will enhance this, drawing out the ick we are no longer in alignment with.

We have done some deep and transforming work, no doubt. There are still remnants left we must unearth. We simply keep going, getting deeper and deeper. When we face fear, it will loosen it’s grip. When we face our insecurities and bolster them with facts instead of the gerbil wheel bullshit the mind spews, we can release the way is screws with our heads. It takes conscientious practice of taking note of what we fear or what the insecurity is and then to search for the facts to negate the illusion the mind concocts.

With Love,


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