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Shifting Realities and Faith

Do you feel life is changing in front of you? Do things feel different, maybe even uncomfortable, but you cannot quite put your finger on the “whys”?

Things indeed are changing. We’ve had a lot going on over the last week or so.

What you may not know is there is an opening of Stargates within Gaia. This is connecting her with her cosmic origins. It is from where she came. It is from where we came too. What happens here affects us.

These Stargate activations within the Earth cause us to feel the ground we walk upon is wavy. Some notice it. Some do not. However, know that when Stargates open, life changes… quantumly. What does that mean? Time is flexible (seemingly longer or shorter, changeable). Things begin to stir within us as the magnetics change, what was consciously controlled or pushed down, now begins to rise (emotional lately?). Emotions surface because what once held them down is breaking apart.

Yesterday there was a Solar Shockwave that hit us and a pretty good geomagnetic storm followed shortly after. This is where the Sun has a volcanic lava blowout this is more powerful than anything you can even imagine. A shockwave from the force of that blow out was directly facing Earth and it disturbs the energetic waves. What this means is that there is an immense amount of energy moving in that will impact our ascension (spiritual evolution from heavenly to Earthly). Uncomfortable as all of this is to our human senses (we hate to feel anything other than pleasure), our Spiritual Path is that of freedom.

These cosmic happenings are directly associated with human freedom. What it’s doing is showing us where the chains of the past lie that are anchoring us in the old realities instead of being able to fly and live in the new one. The shockwave will literally shake the shit out of us. Headaches, nausea, anxiety and any other areas that are “weak” within the body will feel this. I can guarantee you the emotional and mental bodies sure will feel it.

What this is doing is bringing up some very challenging issues and also forcing us to have to dig really deep. These issues are past related, and we cannot handle them as we used to.

What we are undergoing is what is called the bifurcation of worlds. What this means is actually to further divide. You either are ascending and growing and facing down your discomforts, or you are burying your head in the sand, propagating negativity and therefore, you will be stuck in that world. Ones who grow and ones who choose not to. Period.

Reality of growth: Moments of discomfort followed by “ah ha moments”, then peace. Those moments of peace get longer and more frequent.

Reality of burying your head or propagating negativity: suffering creating more suffering. Anger as a prominent expression of being.

Please understand these things occur at different rates within people. Do not be too quick to judge another as growing beyond you, or you growing beyond them… we just grow at different rates at different times… but what is falling away, allow to fall away.

You can imagine how at times these realities may look one in the same. You will know where you are in the reality journey based on what you are willing to do with what you are feeling.

Facing it down, seeking to understand what you are feeling? Great!! You are growing!

Burying or busying yourself to avoid it? Spreading judgement and negativity? Suffering becomes the norm.

When a challenge arises, ask yourself how the old you would have handled it. Then look at how you are handling it now. Are you doing the same thing? Then it is time to try a different way to handle the challenge. If you do not know what you should do, ask Spirit to show you! What qualities do you wish to embody more of or what kind of person do you want to be here? Do that.

The old ways are falling apart. Maybe you do not know what is happening because you do not watch the news (thank God!) but you can feel it in your bones. Change is happening all over in all realms and areas of life. How to be the best human possible is to be vulnerable and communicate your truth. Own your reactions instead of blame others. Dig deep to understand where those reactions come from. When you do these things, your interaction with the world around you becomes more unconditionally loving. And Lord knows, the world needs more of that.

One of the side effects of this energic shift is the prominence of fear. Have you noticed where there may be more fear popping up in your life? I am not talking about a near miss car accident kind of fear. I am talking about the kind of fear that has you lose your daggone mind for a moment. The kind of fear you feel when deep pain or death may be the result. Your mind just goes to worst case scenario.

The new reality requires faith over fear. And I have come to understand maybe if I didn’t really know what that meant, maybe you don’t either. Faith isn’t about being willy-nilly in this day in age. Its about knowing what you believe in, and you can bet, you will be tested at some point on that belief.


When deciding to go back to in-person sessions I knew I would be taking a gamble regarding the Voldemort virus (CV-19). I am extremely high risk as I have lung issues and an auto-immune disease, and the fact it would likely kill me is constantly in my head. There have been several times that I have had to face my own mortality over the last several weeks. But the things that haunts me is that I do not want to be one responsible for transmission of this shit to another. A friend of mine is on life support because of this stupid virus. A very healthy friend. I am not gonna lie, that scares the hell out of me. What could happen to me, and what could happen to another.

I was talking to God, trying to figure out what to do. I hear “Where is your faith”? My faith with all of this virus stuff I have really struggled with. I was an RN. It’s very important to be realistic here. I am also a psychic so I see things you may not understand. I responded to the voice by telling it my faith was with God and in the work I am doing here, as I view it sometimes as doing God’s work, to help heal the hearts of mankind.

The voice responded, “Do you have faith in your body”?

Shit. I had been dealing with a bowel obstruction for over a month, a scary bone lesion, and a myriad of other past health crap came rolling through my brain. The answer was a resounding “No”. That was an eye opener. I did not have faith that my body would protect me. In fact, I am not sure my body and I are friends!! And my body did not have faith I would protect it. Whoa, massive quagmire here. Deep healing needed.

I had to ask myself where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be in this situation.

I wanted to be of service, to be with people and to see them, to hug them, but I also was tested on my faith in people and my faith in my body to protect me. And the fact I didn't feel a friendship with my body was alarming. I needed to get my shit together!

I wanted to be able to eat the healthy deliciousness the Earth provides, but my body does not have a clue how to breakdown fruits and vegetables. I wanted to do it anyway so I invested in smoothies (Daily Harvest, holy moly deliciousness!!) and gave it to my body a little at a time so it could figure it out slowly, and I wouldn’t go into a panic wondering how much pain I was going to end up in this time. I have struggled with nutrition since I was a kid, so this is a step in the right direction as I tried to befriend my body.

There are big lessons in faith over fear here and we are being tested on our faith.

Do you have faith, or do you fall into fear. This is the energy current right now.

These are lessons we will all face at some point in our lives if we get into the nitty gritty soul work needed to continue to grow.

Please know these moments create magic when you have those ah-ha moments. Powerful change occurs.

What gets in the way of your Soul’s freedom will be called out on the carpet. Meet those pieces of your old self with kindness and compassion. Let them say what they need to say, then they will go on their merry way. This is the only way to KNOW who you are on a soul level instead of THINKING you know.

Fall Equinox is right around the corner, and it is time to reap the rewards of all that hard work you have been doing, so enjoy what is beautiful and bountiful in your life. Do not let the discomfort of some things bleed into the meaning of what is good.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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