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Something I'd Like You to Contemplate

With the energies swirling about, preparing us all for another massive wave of light/consciousness soon to be coming in, I would like you to remember or contemplate what it means to live.

I think humans may be the dumb ones here.

Let’s talk about critters for a moment…

Everything dies. But animals know how to live.

I don’t find it ironic that animals are used for healing humans. They see what we hide from.

Animals are brave. Even with abuse, they can still love. They don’t make up excuses.

I don’t believe animals lose hope. They may be cautious, but they remain open if you understand their language.

They protect us. Some even put themselves in harms way for us.

Their presence makes our lives lighter and brighter, infusing it with hope.

And the best thing about them?

They don’t fear tomorrow.

They literally wake up and cuddle or wag their tails and wiggle their butts.

They greet life with joy.

Not fear.

Let’s be like them.

Love others like they love.

Trust our guts like they do.

Believe in ourselves like they do.

I think they are the ones who got it right.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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