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The 6-6-6 Portal

It was mid-May when Source spoke to me about what is coming.

It said “June 6th is a big day…. It’s the 666 gateway and it’s a big deal”.

The realization of 6/6/6 (the 6th day in the 6th month of a 6 year) brought me into a nosedive into understanding the meaning behind "666".

Most feel it’s noted as the mark of “evil”. I don’t tend to look at things that way but decided to dig a little to find deeper meaning in the magic of this energy portal.

666 is spoken about in the Book of Revelations in the bible. I perceive that the book of Revelations is about a time of change where there will be the growth of hope and divine promise for suffering people.

In the Book of Revelations they speak of a beast, who is believed to be the countries with the greatest political power in the world. They speak of the number 666 as being the mark of the beast, and that it is man who bears this mark. It is thought to represent man or humanity because it represents falling short or flat out refusing their true divinity.

Revelations tells us God/Source sees the violence and suffering the human political power has inflicted upon this world. It reminds us that suffering is not a punishment from God, but that it comes from the people using their power in evil ways.

It reminds people of faith to understand this, to have faith in the light and endure, knowing the tides of evil will turn. Chaos will occur because the evil knows it’s reign here is coming to an end. With this, it tells us about how humans are the beast that have turned on themselves and their brethren. Doesn’t take much looking around to see how we have turned on ourselves or others, does it?

The Numerical Meaning behind the Portal-

6+6+2+0+2+2= 18…. 1+8=9

Spiritual meaning of 9:

The spiritual doorway to the awakening of true self. It expands our consciousness and puts us in alignment with our “purpose”.

It is the number of "cosmic consciousness". It is a spiritual doorway to awakening of the higher self to the alignment of all that is, was and ever will be. It opens one to a higher awareness of self and purpose.

From a metaphysical point of view, nine is related to endings, tying up loose ends and closure.

It is the calling card for those who are ready to step into a deeper knowing of self and a more profound way to leave a light imprint on the world by aligning with their Soul's purpose.

Nine and the Tree of Life:

The 9th Sephiroth is called Yesod.

This is related to the foundations we build upon.

A life of balance where giving and receiving are equal. This is the state of divine perfection.

This is the place where what is hidden from view or knowledge becomes illuminated.

It acts like a funnel, receiving the Light so that the light can then be made manifest in the physical realms. Think of it like the moon. The moon collects light and reflects it but has no light of its own.

Therefore, this is about understanding your life is a collection of energy that then turns manifest. The outer world a mirror of the inner.

It is the place of the unconscious mind and pre-thought. These pre-thought forms are the energy currents that come just before an idea or a thing manifests. Think of it as a spark which ignites the fire of creation.

If you are bored or lack direction in life, you will find this energy shifts you to a place of knowing and clarity. The energy here will stir your unconscious energies that then could mysteriously propel you into something new.

It is also the place of psychic or spiritual gifts. Psychic ability is the function of the subconscious mind. The energy from this portal will serve to activate latent abilities and bring them more to the forefront of your consciousness, to be used more directly in creating your reality.

Being connected to endings and beginnings, it warns us to never get comfortable as nothing stays the same and change truly is the only constant. Do not become idle in thinking your healing journey or spiritual growth is “good enough” or “done”. Assess for stagnation or prolonged “contentment”.

Number 9 and Tarot -the Hermit card:

This card speaks of the human’s journey and how, at some point, the human turns away from what they have known and turns inward instead. It speaks of finding their own inner light and to do so, they must shut out the outside noise, to leave the world of the senses and focus on the inner, psychic side of life.

There are two dominant symbols – a long stick in one hand and a lantern in the other.

The Hermit is quiet. His task is to shine light into the dormant human hearts. Past pain and difficulties are already beneath his feet. He holds his lantern high and shows the way to those willing to follow.

When we resist the process of going into ourselves and doing our inner work, we can become lonely or pull away from the world. Some can be too dependent on others, willing giving their power away, not understanding that on the journey, we all must find our inner light.

Channeling from a Pleiadean Being:

A few weeks back I did a channeling regarding the energies. Here is the summary.

The day of June 6th is a day of Alchemical Change and restoration of divine human DNA. It will be a day of many activations. For some, it will serve as a time of spiritual initiation.

What we have been doing with the energies of the last 2 weeks will dictate our levels of activation we receive over the next few days. Oftentimes with activations there are symptoms

Sleep Issues


Tired yet cannot sleep


(to name a few)

Be cognizant of what you do with your energy from this point forward.

Drink water and be in nature, eat light, no sugar or heaviness.

This is a major turning point for collective humanity.

There is a stirring up cellular structures and releasing bonds of trauma.

Karma moving quickly. It is incurred rapidly too.

Chaos is a personal experience or choice point. It is not mandatory.

Solaris (our Sun) is important.

Sunlight provides divine activation energy. In sunshine there is data and information taken into the body. Even water placed in sunlight is far more healthy than regular water.

Sunscreen is being misused. Increment the time in the sunlight to maximize its healing potential. Start with 10 min gradually increase.

Sunlight generates spiritual growth and divinity but is often abused.

This serves as a turning point for many. We are meant to be loving, trusting beings. As humanity wakes up, more will turn away from old doctrine, controls, lies, and deceit.

Those who refuse will be left behind. Allow all to grow in their own time. The destination end goal is the same for all of us.

This 666 portal is a significant quickening of our Ascension.

It is the dropping of chains for some…. The obtaining the chains for others (the refusal, manipulators)

We must pause and understand humanity is sick and it needs to fix itself.

The human ego aspect needs to stop trying to control and find faith instead.

Peace is already within and is who you are. Anything not so is of your creation and generated by human emotional fields.

This is a quantum leap regarding the awakening of the heart. Open your heart to Gaia, the rest rest fixes itself. Healing is not a righteous or complicated thing. Each chooses their own reality, and from there we choose what to do, when to learn, when to let go.

We must learn how to create again.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing


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