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The Longest Eclipse in 100 Years- Cleansing Ourselves of Our Pasts

Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal, but tomorrow is a full moon with an eclipse in the sign of Taurus.

Typically, eclipses have an impact for about 6 months or so. This one however, has a profoundly longer impact. What we do now will impact our life for 2 full years. Many of us are feeling it.

We are going through some major changes. Maybe you can see and feel it. Maybe you are completely unaware. Either way, it is fine, as there is no “right or wrong” way to upgrade.

A full moon eclipsed in Taurus will lend some interesting energy. Taurus is very grounded and pertains to practical matters in the physical/Earth realms. Taurus by nature can be stubborn. It likes its comfort. It has 2 modes… sloth or “bull in China shop” speed. Pay attention to how this is playing out in your lives and in your homes. The energy of this is already upon us.

Full moons are about cleansing, detox and release. Add an eclipse to that and the energy is intensified… and the extra duration to the eclipse, and… well, you see where I am going with this.

Where there is intensity, we MUST be observant… not necessarily of others, but of ourselves. What is popping up within you now? Look at it and take note of it. We will be shown where our deepest wounds lie, where there are bullshit beliefs systems in place, and where we hold judgement that is unbecoming of us.

Being there is such a significant impact with the full moon and eclipse, we should really be looking at our lives and asking if we are at peace and whether or not this life you have right now lines up with who you are today. If it doesn’t, you've gotta do something about it. If you don’t choose to, life has a way of shoving that right back down your throat at a later date. How will you know? You will find yourself struggling. Struggling means your Soul self is already there and the human self is lagging behind. The suffering decreases as the gap between soul self and human self decreases.

Dissolving the Past-

What is energetically taking place is a dissolution of the past. The past is likely being triggered in some form in the Now. Look at it and feel it (stuffing it will work against you). See what it has taught you about YOURSELF. Thank it for what it has shown you. It is only then that the pain can drop away. If we do not do this, you are destined to bring the past into your present manifestations. I do not think you want that.

Be aware of what you have gone through and how you’ve been impacted but be even more aware of the grace in those experiences. What have you learned? How did you grow? Again, it shifts the energy from “negative” to “positive”, elevating your energy, and thus, creating a better reality.

Harness the Energy-

So, what should we be doing right now to maximize this energy?

Assess what you are doing every single moment of every single day and be very real about the motivation behind everything you do. This is hard and is a part of personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is a pillar of emotional mastery. There is no way around it. You either own your shit or you keep getting run over until you do.

Focus on what you WANT to feel, not how f’d up your life is, or what you have been through. What you focus on is what is generated with this eclipse cycle that will impact you for 2 years. Meaning, you can expect more of the same. The energy is something that is FELT… not thought, so pretending to “override” your feelings or hiding from your feelings or lying to yourself about your feelings will not work here. They will be intensified so you cannot hide from them anymore.

Place your heart and your focus on what is desired and feel that inside and see how every step, every setback and every pain of the past has been a stepping-stone to get you to that desired place you wish to be. It gives meaning and joy to where the hurt resides. Love the parts of yourself that are angry or that you judge and try to understand why they exist. Anger is a form of healing that results when boundaries are violated… by ourselves or others.

Call upon our Great Spirit, our Creator and our Higher Selves now to assist us in bringing forth more light into our flesh vehicles and to clear out the remnants of all energy that is impeding you from your freedom... in this life and in all lifetimes.

A friend of mine came up with a beautiful idea using water.

Pour a glass of clean water.

On a piece of paper, write down all the things you wish to release and manifest in its place.

(I recommend writing it like this: “I release blah blah blah so that blah may manifest instead and I thank you for what it taught/showed me”)

Hold the glass in your hands and speak to the water the intentions you have placed upon the page. Then drink the cup of water. This is Water Manifestation.

Just like the glass will then be empty, so too will our energy fields, ready tobe filled again with the new and higher vibrational light that fills the spaces where there was fear, pain and darkness.

Being this is taking place in Taurus, assess what practical steps you can take to elevate your life. This does not mean picking yourselves apart and fixing a damn thing… you are already perfect as you are. But ask yourself what you are interested in, what you need more of and what inspires you.

Focus on that.

Move towards that.

With Love and Light

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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