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"Under Construction"- Awakening to Ourselves

With the recent energetic events, we know that there is a great illumination and upgrade on the horizon. To break this down into simpler terms, it means we are shifting our lives to a better outcome, a more authentic and divinely connected way of living. It has the potential to alter the very core of who we are.

The end of October was a doozy. It was a “You’ve had enough time, now get on with it, or else” kind of feeling, as the intensity in all of it was definitely felt. Fatigue, achiness, anxiety, sorrow and anger all heightened over the last several days. The great awakening of humanity is underway. Although not an easy process to undergo, it is vital for where we are heading as a collective.

November’s purpose is to get you to shift the way you have been living/doing things. It wants you more aligned with who you really are. We are beginning to learn to tune out the external BS of the world and tune into our hearts and intuition again. Where we feared facing things, we now have the courage to do so. What this means for us as a collective, is we are finally seeing the truth of things. And we are able to have a greater compassion and understanding for those who are still asleep at the wheel. Our hearts are opening. Our minds are expanding. We are tapping into a divine knowledge that allows us to understand where others are, and to let them be where they are. In this, we become more non-judgmental and compassionate.

There is so much light here, but mainstream media will not tell you that. All they portray is fear, distortion, deception, and darkness… the worst of humanity. But I ask you to recollect the blessings around you every single day. There are many. Just look within your own life. There are many to be found every single day. It is even more important to do this when you are struggling. It is easy to go down the rabbit hole when energy comes at us hard. But we are here to master the skill of being consistently in our Divine Self and operating from that space.

Divine beings are also here as well to help us through this phase. They are here to ground us, comfort us and teach us, simply by emanating their light and their love. They are here to help us with doing our inner work. What we need to understand is the journey of ascension is one of self-discovery, revealing who we are as individual beacons of Light from the Heavens. From here, its our individualized expression of that light that changes life and makes a difference. When you move through life as your best version of self, your reality changes to meet that. So, this is how we create our realities. The more authentic you are, the more harmonious your life becomes once you stay the course. Understand that with big change there are some ripples of frustration as others no longer can have what they had from you before. Oh well. Tough cookies.

October was the ending of the old way. November brings in a newer energy to play with. It gives us the opportunity to recreate ourselves and our lives. There may be many things that pop up for you to look at and from there choose to either bring into or release from your reality. We must work to hold our focus on what it is we WANT, not what we are dissatisfied with or where the troubles lay. Far too many humans are focused on what is wrong. Again, redirect yourselves and look for what is right, those silver linings really do exist for a reason.

Cosmic Happenings Helping Our Ascension:

Nov 4th there is a New Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio brings what is hidden to light. This is when we should deep dive into our feelings. Yep... I said that dreaded word… feelings. Are your exchanges with people deep and meaningful? Or are they superficial and shallow? Shallow relationships and superficial BS will not satisfy you. We need depth to purify ourselves and our lives. We need depth to grow. Without depth, foundations crumble with ease, and nothing can withstand the test of time.

Nov 11th is the Divine Alignment Gateway 11/11.

1 is the number of Unity. Purity.

11 is a master number and to me, is about Divine Partnership, integration of divine masculine and feminine, the connection and unifying of opposing factors. It is about Spiritual Consciousness, intuition, and balanced internal and external power.

Now, here, you have 11 and 11 (11th day of the 11th month) and what we have is a divine portal of activation. Think “new”. The divine energies of change peak here. Spiritual awakening, spiritual development come into us. I call this the number of Divine Activation, where our spiritual gifts get dialed up. It heralds a new dawn, a new beginning for the Soul’s journey.

Nov 19th is a Full Moon in Taurus with a Lunar Eclipse.

This is the first eclipse in the series which set up the frequencies and outcomes for the next 2 years. That is not to be taken lightly. Change can suck sometimes, but it is change which we must learn to embrace. The best change come from within. While Taurus tends to deal with earthy matters, it is a time to look at what we are spending our money on, and why. This energy can feel unstable, which is needed so that we can rebuild our foundations to support our dreams over the next 2 years. When we can come into ourselves and love ourselves instead of seeking stability and comfort from outside of ourselves, we find the peace and tranquility we seek.

We have effectively been in “class” this entire year thus far, and November will be the time to begin putting all we have learned into action. It is time to wrap up certain things, draw lines in the sand, end things and walk away. Clear the path for the new to come in.

Hang your sign that says “Under Construction”.

Take the time you need to rest and be in solitude when needed.

Give yourself time to honor who you are becoming and be brave enough to put your dreams into action.

With Love and Light

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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