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A Cold Case: A Spirit's Message of Love

For those of you who don’t know, the week of May 11th through 17th is National Police Week. For those of you who know me, you know I have a special interest in our Law Enforcement personnel and a deep respect for the things they struggle with because of the job.

For this week, instead of honoring those who have died in the line of duty, I would like to shed some light on police officers and the Spirits who come through for them.

When an Officer comes to visit, it's not an uncommon thing for someone they were involved with to have a message for them. There is one Spirit I worked with recently who wants to pay homage this week to the Detectives who gave a lot of themselves in trying to close her case.

It was just last week that the two Detectives found their way to my office, wanting to discuss a cold case from 1993. I asked them to bring a picture. She strangely looked familiar for some reason.

I could tell she was a rebellious spirit with a bit of angst. Her dark red lips void of a smile in the picture I am given.

Hang Lee was just 17 years old when she went missing in January that year. On the night her family last saw her, she told her brother Koua she was going for a job interview a friend had set up for her. Her woo-woo senses must have kicked in because she told her brother to come looking for her or to talk to Nikki, the friend who set up the interview if she didn’t come back.

A feisty young woman, she had taken off before, so when the family reported it, police thought she had just gone to have fun for a while but would return. It wasn’t until 6 months later when that friend who set up the interview came forward and their eyes were opened to something much more sinister going on. It was because of Hang’s disappearance this crap came out into the open.

The initial detective started the path of investigating but didn’t get very far. That case then fell into the laps of Detectives Bill and Kevin. These two amazing men turned everything they could upside down and did anything and everything they could to solve this crime and bring Hang home. Bill and Kevin, now both retired, are still haunted by this case and are left with a feeling of a job undone.

They came down to try to fill in the blanks of what had happened to Hang that snowy night. They wanted to understand what occurred, where she went and if she would ever be found and who was involved.

Hang’s energy came through powerfully. She was a strong personality, appeared opinionated and rebellious. She was matter of fact yet seemed to have a sense of humor much like mine... dark and sarcastic.

The work began and I slipped into her energy and what I gathered about the situation left me nauseated and dizzy. She showed me things she wished for me to tell them about the crime. They came with a few questions and she did her best to respond. I could feel her love for them and her gratitude which she would try to convey to them both.

She told them of how she knows her brother still searches for her and his heart is still broken.

She tells Bill and Kevin that she sees how much they cared for her and that she sees what they have done for her family all these years.

She speaks of the memorial ceremony that was done in her honor and how some of those lights blew out.

She said a few other "validating" things.

She tells Bill and Kevin that she knows they struggle with the feeling that the case isn’t closed and that they didn’t do enough. Hang tells them they do not know the magnitude of what they have done and how many people they actually helped.

The last person to see her alive was the primary shit bag (no apologies for my language) they felt was involved, but no matter what they tried, there simply wasn’t any evidence to string him up on. The "man" (or monster as I prefer) was a serial rapist who lured women in for interviews, then drugged and raped them. Hang came forward to tell them she sees how they fought like hell to get the creep civilly committed for the rest of his life. Hang communicated to them that despite it not being the justice they had in mind for her, it indeed was something they did that helped all the women who were hurt before, and she told them there was many women that they saved.

Hang could see that these Detectives carried her in their hearts for far too long. She conveyed to them she sees all they have done and how she wanted them to know she was at peace and that it was ok to let her go. She wanted them to be at peace too and said it is ok for them to let her go now.

It’s not unusual for Spirits to want to say something from the other side. But I think for those in Law Enforcement it is a special kind of thing when it happens.

They carry with them a heart full of things you couldn't fathom. Hang was a very strong personality, and a stinker. In fact, this is the second time I had to write this because she deleted the first one right off my computer!

She vehemently wanted them to know she is aware of what they had done for her, how they loved her without knowing her and how they, to this day, are still there for her family. She wanted the Detectives to know she sees them and how this has affected them both. She wanted them to know she thanks them and that while the outcome for them was not what they wanted for her; she feels at peace.

In the end, I can’t help but wonder if it was Hang who led them to my office, sensing they needed something. She wanted to give them both a little of the love back they had given her.

For more information on the case of Hang Lee, please check out the link below.

Please say a prayer for her and for her family and that maybe the light of all of us together can bring resolve to those who love her.

With Love

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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